Yoga and running are both great ways to encourage your body to a move in a natural way.

Modern, sedentary man  needs exercise – especially the type of exercise that strengthens us in our daily lives. The PaulssonPaleo lifestyle obviously makes us pretty strong (you’re more than welcome to join us!), but we all need more to stay supple and injury-free!

Get in touch with our own yogi Catharina at 076-3233132 / catharina@paulssonpaleo.com or our trail runner Simon at 076-3197675  / simon@paulssonpaleo.com for more information.


Yoga improves our mental and physical strength and can work as an instrument to handle stress. Yoga is great exercise in itself, suitable for all who are seeking to improve mobility, strength and to aid recovery. It is also an excellent complement to other training such as running, cycling, swimming or weight-lifting. Yoga is for everyone; flexible or stiff, old or young, man or woman.

Catharina is a qualified Hatha yoga teacher (RYT200) from Yogayama in Stockholm and is currently in further education with Shala Hala in Båstad. She teaches weekly yoga classes in Simlångsdalen. Yoga sessions are held in our studio at Breared Kannesten 650, 313 97 Simlångsdalen. Email catharina@paulssonpaleo.com or call +46 (0)76-323 31 32 to book.  Catharina mainly instructs in Swedish, but can instruct in English upon request. 

Outdoor yoga in Simlångsdalen
Outdoor yoga all summer, suitable for all abilities. Hatha yoga with strengthening and stretching poses, finishing with savasana.
Outside the old station in Simlångsdalen (Stationsvägen). In the event of rain: indoors at PaulssonPaleo.
Bring your own yogamat and blanket or towel. Please let me know in advance if you need to borrow a mat.
Time: Wednesdays, 17:30-18:45
Price: 150 SEK drop-in / 650 SEK for 5 times / 1000 SEK all summer.
Yin yoga

Welcome to relaxing and calming yin yoga in our beautiful studio. Suitable for yogis of all levels.

Time: Saturdays, 11:00-12:15 (until August 12th).

Price: 150 SEK drop-in

Contact catharina@paulssonpaleo.com to book.

Dynamisk yoga

Welcome back in August!

A 75-minute vinyasa-style class, linking together poses challenging strength and flexibility. Suitable for yogis with a bit of experience. 

Time: Mondays, 18:00 – 19:15
Price: 200 SEK drop-in / 875 SEK for 5 times. Contact catharina@paulssonpaleo.com to book.

Soft yoga

Welcome back in August!

A soft and gentle class with strength, stretch and breathing. The tempo of class as well as the transitions are slower with attention to basic alignment and postures. Suitable for yogis of all levels. 

Time: Thursdays, 10:30-11:45. 

Price: 200 SEK drop-in / 875 SEK for 5 times. Contact catharina@paulssonpaleo.com to book.

Restorative yoga

Welcome to 90 minutes of relaxation. The session includes breathing exercises, a small number of restorative yoga positions supported by bolsters, blocks and blankets to allow the body to relax and Yoga Nidra.

Time: Next session in September.

Price: 200 SEK drop-in / 875 SEK for 5 times. 

Email catharina@paulssonpaleo.com 


Treat yourself to a whole day of yoga with us!

During the day there will be different types of yoga, breathing exercises, meditation and nourishing food and beverage.

Experience our beautiful farm or surrounding woods during the lunch break. 

The morning starts off with a dynamic hatha yoga class to create heat in the body.

This is followed by a lunch where the season’s produce is on centre stage. 

During the afternoon we will slow down with calming yinyoga, Qigong and meditation.

Time: Autumn 2023

Book: Contact catharina@paulssonpaleo.com to book.

Trail Running

 One of the best ways to experience and be out in nature is on foot. Simlångsdalen has a rich and diverse collection of wooded trails that wind around several beautiful lakes and through some stunning nature reserves, including the infamous DanskaFall. No matter of age or ability,  bring your running shoes and come challenge yourself on technical terrain or de-stress with a gentle jog through the spectacular forests around Simlångsdalen.

Simon has been running since he used to compete as a teenager. Now his running is more meditative than competitive, although he still likes to challenge himself in the longer and ultra distance events. He is also interested in the biomechanics of running and how good technique can influence efficient and injury free running. 

 Email simon@paulssonpaleo.com or call +46 (0)76-319 7576  to book a guided trail run.  Simon is English speaking, but has a proficient understanding of Swedish.

Guided Trail Run

Join Simon on a trail run around some of the most spectacular sights in Sweden. Through discussions beforehand, Simon can tailor the run to your wishes, whether it is an easy run for a set time/distance or a more technical run with lots of vertical meters, you decide. Whichever type of run you choose, you will not be disappointed!

Price: Upon application

Contact: simon@paulssonpaleo.com to book.

Group Trail Run

Bring your friends and enjoy the outdoors together. Simon can lead a group of 2 to 6 runners on a trail run that is tailored to the group, so that everyone has a memorable and enjoyable experience. These runs are usually at a relaxed and sociable tempo, with a plenty of stops to take in the natural surroundings.

Price:  750kr / hour

Contact:  simon@paulssonpaleo.com to book.

Run & Relax

Make a weekend of it and come and stay with us in our tranquil and relaxing Bed & Breakfast. A combination package which not only allows you to run and explore the beautiful nature, you get to stay and relax there too. Check out our Stay With Us page for more information on our rooms and our freshly homemade breakfasts.

Price: Upon application

Contact: simon@paulssonpaleo.com to book 

Simon Runs!

Simon logs all of his runs on Strava, so you can follow his progress and see where he runs in and around Simlångsdalen. Enjoy!

Just click on the link below.