Our farm is called Kannesten, the same as the small original 19th century small holding located at the foot of our hill.

Contrary to what many guests think, however, our farm is relatively young – it was established by a dedicated builder and his wife in the early 90’s, for the purpose of looking after their 2 horses.

However, when three generations of Paulsson Bishop moved in, in 2015, we had other plans! Our ambition was to rear sheep, chickens and pigs and to have wonderful kitchen gardens – with the long term goal of becoming as self-sufficient as possible on vegetables, meat and eggs. 

Of course, this was easier said than done and our journey so far has been one of learning by doing! We all moved from the city with no farming experience, but were keen to learn and embrace our new lives in the countryside. With a great stubbornness, help from experienced neighbours and a lot reading and researching, we have slowly but surely begun to improve the quality of our soil and create a more bio-diverse landscape, where everything works in harmony with the natural life-cycle.

All of us have grand visions of regenerative small scale farming and this really is only the beginning of our journey, a journey we would like to share with as many people as possible.



During autumn, winter and spring we ferment vegetables on a small scale – everything from sauerkraut to fiery kimchi and fermented beetroot. We use organic vegetables from Halland as much as possible. 

If you’d like to try them out, email or place an order in Reko Ring Halmstad or Reko Ring Flygstaden Halmstad.


We have Gute sheep, a breed where both rams and ewes have horns. Especially the horns of the ram grow to quite a spectacular size over time! 

Our sheep stay outdoors all year round. During the summer months we herd the whole flock between pastures around the Simlångsdalen.

Slaughter takes place in early autumn. We do all the steps ourselves, so that we have complete control over the last moments of the lamb’s life. No unnecessary transports or unknown people contribute to stress.

Our sheepskins cost 1500-2500 SEK, depending on size and quality. They can be viewed on the farm or at Reko Ring when pre-ordering.


Our main goal is to be as self-sufficient as possible, but sometimes we have a little surplus that we can sell, for example eggs, small plants or vegetables.

Check out PaulssonPaleo’s Instagram and Facebook, where we post what’s in season and available.